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Cockpit Seats For Sale

ORDERING PROCESS:  FIND WHAT YOU NEED, SEND ME AN EMAIL   Please read our FAQ #16 for more details.

Our seats are described accurately on the site, so all are in good working order unless otherwise stated.

There are 3 types of seats used on the 737.  The 737-200 up through some 600's used Weber seats.  Later models used IPECO J rail seats, and the latest NG's use IPECO seats with the spiffy back covers.  In like condition Ipeco seats  sell for about $2000 a set more than Weber, and that's at our prices. Anywhere else, at least double that.  Ipeco seats  also require J rails, Webers do not need rails of any kind.   On the up side, Ipeco seats are a bit closer in appearance to the latest NG seats.  NG seats sell for about $16,000 each.....$32,000 a set....used.  Weber seats install in 5 minutes, no rails needed, adjust 8 ways. Once installed they look about the same as Ipeco seats.

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