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Aviation Technical Consultants

For your next FILM, TV project or News analysis: We can provide aviation experts with many years of "Hands On" experience in the aviation industry and thousands of hours in the air. We are also well versed in Film/TV production, having consulted on over 100 projects over the past thirty years. On camera or off, technical or creative, we've been there. If you need aircraft components, mockups or equipment, we've got that too. 

Recent Projects

We provided Universal Studios set dressings for the refurbishment of their "War of The Worlds" display. So how do you make a crashed airplane look better?

“JFK 50th Anniversary Air Force One, Love Field Exhibit”.

APHS has provided the control wheel center caps for John Travolta's 707.

APHS has provided the control wheel center caps for The Collings Foundation B-17 "nine-0-nine". - Very sad to report that "909" was destroyed in an accident, October 2019.

Recent Movies & TV

"Hourglass". Now shooting.

The short Film, "The Emissary".

Warner/Netflix mini-series entitled ‘Breathe’, 2022 mini-series.

The feature film "Greenland", starring Gerard Butler.

The series, "For All Mankind."

The film, "Radioactive".

The feature film, "First Man" with Ryan Gosling.

The television drama, "Departure".

The feature film, "Mile 22" with Mark Wahlberg.

The feature film, "Teen Spirit", with Elle Fanning.

"War Games"...interactive TV series.

The Feature Film, "Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Syfy series, "The Expanse".

The Feature Film, "Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

The Feature Film, "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage", featuring Vin Diesel.

The Feature Film, "Interstellar", featuring Matthew McConaughey.

The Feature Film, "Left Behind", featuring Nicolas Cage.

The Feature Film, "World War Z", featuring Brad Pitt.

The Feature Film, "Man of Steel"

The Feature film,"Elysium", featuring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster.

The Feature Film,"Ender's Game", featuring Harrison Ford.

The Feature Film,"Hijacked"

The Feature Film,"The Grey", featuring Liam Neeson.

The Feature Film, "Knight and Day", featuring Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz.

The ABC Series, "Pan Am"

The ABC Hit Series, "LOST"

The Feature Film, "Terminator: Salvation", featuring Christian Bale.

The HBO Hit Series, "Entourage"

The Hit Series, "NCIS"

The Feature Film, "Snakes On A Plane"

The Feature Film, "RUMOR HAS IT...", featuring Kevin Costner & Jennifer Aniston.

The USA Series, "The Unit"

The FOX TV Show, "Firefly"

The television show, "The New Detectives".

The television show, "Mayday: Air Disasters".

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