The Way Airplanes Should Look

No doubt, jets fly better and there is no longer the thrill of waiting for a master rod bearing to seize somewhere mid-Pacific. However, just like our cars, the new breed of tin lacks personality. The paint jobs are boring, no oil stains, no smell of wool seat covers and no sound of a turbo compound 3350 about to throw a rod through the cowling on takeoff. Terry Morgan's photographs capture some of that, without the smell, but at least preserving part of our aviation heritage....Enjoy.


Sadly, most of you will never experience the sight and sound of a 3350 in flight. No other engine comes used as much oil as it did gas, but what a wonderful sound it made.

'61 Buick Le Sabre
'61 Buick Le Sabre

Not a plane, not for sale, it's Nick's '61 Buick Le Sabre. We figured that anyone that is still in love with old prop planes would also appreciate another artifact from that era...(our photo, not Terry's). Now tell me, isn't the Buick prettier than a Prius?

36-inch seat pitch in COACH!!!