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1. Does APHS guarantee what it sells?

In some cases, when specified, we do. However, in the aviation industry the term "as removed" has specific meaning. It means a part is as it last flew, and no claim of condition, or guarantee of function applies. These parts are sold for far less than "serviceable", or "overhauled" units with the customer opting to re-certify the part or accept the chance that it might need a repair. The majority of what we sell...aimed at the collector or sim builder, is "as removed". We sell no airworthy parts, nor do we intend for anything we sell to be used on an aircraft. Our full panels are sold to be as aesthetically correct as possible. However, we cannot guarantee function, nor can we match the exact layout of a specific airline. We also reserve the right to use creativity in cases where parts are too expensive or difficult to obtain. The price reflects what we are selling, based on all of the above factors.

That was my diplomatic explanation when I wrote that a few years ago. I now have to dispense with the diplomacy and spit it out in street language to get the point across. We still have people expecting perfect parts for low prices. We work diligently to find parts at the best possible price so we can sell them for prices the average person can afford. You are buying things like a $23,000 altimeter for about a hundred bucks or less. Most parts are only available at low prices because they are AS buy cheap, and if it needs a repair, YOU PAY TO FIX IT. If you want a guarantee you will have to pay the going rate from a parts supplier, which for a used altimeter is about $1200. The terms AS REMOVED, and SERVICEABLE have been defined by the industry, not us. Parts suppliers price their stuff according to those terms...PAY MORE, GET A GUARANTEE. Buy for dirt, and assume the responsibility the way any airline does when it buys as removed parts. In short: We make every effort to sell good parts, BUT we aren't mechanics...WE'RE PILOTS, what do we know?

And so it goes; 10 years after we wrote the blurb above we still have people expecting perfection for pennies. Today a guy griped about his $110 Grimes light because there was paint worn off of one edge, about an inch long, and 1/32 inch wide. A new Grimes light is $2800. An as removed unit from most places sells for over $350.

2. Where will APHS ship?

We have successfully shipped to over 75 countries. Very bulky items such as seats, full panels, etc., are shipped air freight and customers seem to understand the charges and accept them. We charge actual shipping costs only...and ship most items for far less than anyone else. In fact our seat shipments are usually  about 50% of industry rates, and 1/3rd of Fedex, UPS, or DHL.


Packages will be mailed to all  destinations. Large items will be shipped air freight, to your airport. We do not ship Fedex, UPS, DHL to international locations due to the extreme cost, AND because Fedex has provided such HORRIBLE service over the years we do not ship ANYTHING FEDEX.  We can ship using YOUR account if you prefer.

4. I don't like having to pay a wire transfer fee to my bank, is PayPal cheaper?

We accept PayPal...reluctantly, because we think their fees are extreme. Depending on the amount, it can be more than a wire transfer. Nevertheless, as a convenience for our customers, we will continue to accept PayPal. For US transactions, we'll take a check.

5. I'm building a 737 sim, easy and cheap, right?

Not cheap because the parts you need were once part of a multi-million dollar aircraft...however; we buy 737 parts literally by the ton, so we can offer prices far below the typical dealer. We also sell no junk. Our parts are usually right off of a flying aircraft, not a desert rat from some boneyard. Our seats are sold with CLEAN covers; our seatbelts have been through the cleaner as well. We ship cheaper than ANY other company: Just examples of how we try to provide the best parts at the lowest price. Go build that sim...we're here to help all we can. We receive new inventory on a regular the site, things change fast. HARD: quadrants, sliding windows, pedals, trim plastic, anything for NG,777.

6. Why are control wheels so expensive?

The price of control wheels is determined partially by the available supply. As certain types become rare, like anything else, the price increases.

DC-4,6,7's and Convairs...gone
727-200's...nearly gone
Most military 1950's thru 1980's....gone.

Our high end wheels are a better investment than most mutual funds. In a very short time there will be NO wheels available from the above list.

7. What suggestions would you offer to a new sim builder?

Be careful out there. You can find parts for sale elsewhere, but it can be dangerous territory. Some sellers will take your money and send you junk, or nothing at all. At least with APHS, you know who we are, where we are, why we are here, and you have no risk, we've been here for over 22 years. We all work for free, we have no profit motive and enjoy this stuff as much as you do.

8. What are my chances of finding a full panel elsewhere?


9. Will APHS hold my parts for me?

Once an order has been confirmed by email, we typically hold parts for 5 business days awaiting payment, or verification that payment has been made.

10. Will APHS send me pictures of the parts I am interested in purchasing?

Most of the time we show pictures of the specific part in the listing on the site. Some generic items are sold in "as removed" condition...normal wear, and the site picture is a representative sample. We carefully describe everything we sell, and will happily answer your questions..

11. Does APHS have items other than those shown for sale on the site?

Absolutely. If you don't see it, ask.

12. Why does APHS show some parts for sale and then tell me I'm on a waiting list to buy?

Some parts are in high demand; seats for example. We have access to those, but they sell faster than we can stock them. Therefore, most are pre-sold to a person on our waiting list. We never know what we'll find in our continuing worldwide hunt for interesting parts. We usually can't predict waiting times.

13. Why was the item I was trying to buy sold before I could finalize my deal?

We sell many items that are extremely rare. We state that in the listing so the buyer is aware of the limited availability. Often, novice sim builders will ask many questions over a period of days or sometimes weeks before buying. We understand why and are always glad to answer. However, other buyers are more experienced or have researched the part prior to contacting us, which makes completing a deal fast and easy. Until we receive a firm commitment of purchase, the item is considered "available". Once a buyer commits to a purchase, we allow 5 business days to receive confirmation of payment.

14. Why do I have to plod through 200 items to find anything new being listed for sale?

You don't. Unlike your neighborhood grocery store that forces you to walk past the cookies to get to the milk, we always add new items at the top of the listings.  If you have noticed, unlike most sites we have NO advertising, and we have NO secret methods embedded to entice you to buy. We do not sell, share,  forward, beam down, or publicize your information.......EVER !!

Cockpit seats are always hard to find, but we continue to look for good prices and good condition. We describe our seats in our listings as accurately as possible. They are sold "as removed" which means we have priced them according to what they are, in the condition they are in. It  could be that some adjustments are needed, maybe a bit of ingenuity required. We keep no secrets: If we know of a defect we'll tell you. If they were "serviceable", and guaranteed, the price would easily be double. Plain translation: We charge you for what we picture and describe. The price takes into account any tinkering that might be needed. Usually you won't have to do anything.

NOTICE: International shipments will have duties, taxes and clearance fees due upon arrival. Our shipping quote is for door to airport only and does not include any local charges.

16. Why don't you have a checkout page like most other places that sell things?

We don't sell typical products as found in a typical store. We have limited supplies of many things we show on the site, and we never know if or when we'll get a replacement, if ever. Therefore, our "checkout" is done on an individual basis, assuring that all squares are filled. We also do business in over 70 countries which often requires a great deal of information sharing before an order can be completed. Finally, much of what we sell is highly regulated by the US government as to final disposition. We cannot ship to certain countries; we cannot ship hazardous materials; we cannot sell (in most cases) airworthy parts; AND...we maintain our right to decide with whom we do business. In most cases, online sellers will sell anything to anybody as long as they pay. We monitor every sale much more closely than that. Simply tell us what you need and we'll send necessary info.

17. Not a question, just an answer.


Frequently a buyer will ask for a discount or will make an offer on parts. We will on occasion offer a small discount on a purchase of multiple items. However; keep in mind that the parts we sell come from acft. that cost many millions of dollars. We charge a tiny fraction of what parts originally sold for, or currently sell for on the open market. We also sell parts that you simply won't find elsewhere for anything close to our prices. If we could accept less we would do so...we add no fat just for sport or extra profit.

18. Shipping Policy Change.


We have been doing this for 27 years. Our shipping policy has been to use USPS mail because Fedex, UPS and DHL are at least 5 times more expensive. Also Fedex service is so bad, and our losses so high that we won't go near them. Our procedure has always been to ESTIMATE the shipping cost, then EVEN UP AFTER IT GOES....clearly stated at the time of collecting payment. Every country is different so we have no way to know what the charge might be. That method has worked well for thousands of orders sent to 75 countries.

Unfortunately, abuse of that policy forces us to change. From now on we will be over estimating shipping costs to be sure we are covered and refund any excess payment. We will state that clearly, and as always, you can be assured that we WILL refund as agreed. Once again, the good people suffer due to the actions of a few.


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