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Picture are gnawing away at the lone peanut just served to you by your oh so friendly, flight attendant, crammed into coach like a blonde boy in a prison shower. Yet, it is well worth the agony, you are FLYING, and what could be better than that?  The fact that you are a thousand miles from land in a TWO engine airplane doesn't bother you either, what are the odds?  Well, next time you prepare for your flight, be prepared with our "coach passenger ocean survival kit".  (First class gets the raft). It contains a shark repellent dye pack, (they call it a "marker", but we all know what it really is), a raft plug to loan to first class should their raft spring a leak, and a bailing bucket. (You see first class passengers don't bail.  They'll ask you to come aboard to do the work, then back into the drink you go).


$10 and worth every penny.

Ocean Survival Kit

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