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McCloed, mechanical cockpit clock.  Actually manufactured under contract by one of 3 companies...Wakmann, Aerosonic, McCloed...the clocks are virtually identical.  Among the most sought after aviation artifacts.  First thing stolen when a plane is parked to be torn down.  This one has the much desired 3 knob arrangement.  "Much desired"?  By whom?  Not by any pilot I have ever known.  In fact, after using that identical type clock for over 30 years at UAL, neither I, nor any pilot I ever talked to knew how to use all of those knobs.  Sure we could wind it, and make the stop watch work, but the other functions were some dope deluded nightmare of a bored clock designer.  Ok, I know, someone out there is just dying to say that he/she can make it cut grass or whistle...we invite you to share the knowledge.  Ops checked OK.

McCloed Mechanical Cockpit Clock

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