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DC-8, and others, cockpit sextant. (No, it has nothing to do with Jeffery Epstein).  All of you under the age of 60 can go on line and look up the definition of "navigator".  Sextants were used by the "navigator" to determine aircraft position where no radio nav was available.  It came in handy over water.  He, and there were only "he's" back then, would stick this thing up into a ceiling mount in the cockpit, and poetically peer at the stars through the plexiglass bubble above.  He then would look into a magic book with all of the numbers in the world...voila"..."turn left 2 degrees".  Pilots could get their much deserved rest while he plotted the course.

Comes in a lovely wooden box, guaranteed to float if you have to ditch. You are correct, the navigator still must navigate, even in the raft.


This one came from a KLM DC-8, and later, somewhere along the line Cathay Pacific...finally coming to rest with Fine Air.  Those of you sick of reading this so far will love what I have to say about Fine Air...another day.

Cockpit Sextant

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