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Weber cockpit seats for the sim builder who doesn't want to spend a fortune on seats.  These are used on the 727-200, 737-200 through some 600's, depending on the airline.  Fully adjustable 8 ways: Up, down, fore, aft, tilt fore / aft, thigh up / down, all internally so NO RAILS NEEDED.  They install in 1 minute.  They do not move sideways the way the IPECO seats do, but for the first hundred years of aviation pilots just stepped over the corner of the seat and plopped their fat asses down.  These days our "cockpit managers" require the seat to move out of the way to allow "easy access".  I digress...clean sheep covers, leather armrests, ops checked.   Really nice seats!!!           


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Weber Cockpit Seats (Set P)

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