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Aero Commander 680FP...actually only part of it.  A pressurized...well it was until someone sawed the nose off...light twin.  It's on a wheeled platform which is easy to move and cheap to ship.  If you are an educational institution send us an email stating your reasons for wanting this beauty.  We won't respond to submissions, but we will notify the winner once that choice has been made, whenever we find a suitable recipient.  Winner must be prepared to pay shipping costs which will run about $700-900 to a USA location.  We can ship overseas if your heart can stand the cost.  We're going to leave it in primer so the next owner can do a really spiffy job on the finish.  We've done the heavy lifting, you can do the fine finish and save a lot of money.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME!! Aero Commander 680FP

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