737 2-bay throttle quadrant.  This is a quadrant built by Boeing for a simulator.  It looks like the real thing but close examination shows it is a reproduction; basically hollow, there have been motors added, modifications started to convert the operation to simulator electronics...NOT completed.  The fire module has been wired to that gismo inside...a huge bundle of wires, seemingly pre-wired for sim use.  That job alone would have cost $3000 at the local avionics shop.  This must have cost Boeing a huge amount of money to hand craft the parts.  If you need a quad at a fraction of the typical price, here it is.  Quads are nearly impossible to find.  If we had a real one to sell, it would easily be over $4000, and we're cheaper than any place.


As shown...$2150

737 2-bay Throttle Quadrant


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